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Step outside Convention to amaze, Engage and Wow Your customers

At this very moment your customers are being lured away by your competitors. So what are you going to do about it? In order to give your customers an extraordinary experience, you must choose to be extraordinary. You may have the edge right now, but do you have what it takes to stay sharp. Navigating your way to prosperity and profitability can be a tricky business. It requires that you sharpen your skills as a leader and high performer. This keynote will inspire you to make the course corrections and self-optimizations needed to surpass your own limitations.

Evolve or Die

Turn Uncertainty and Change Into a Customer Revolution

The needs and habits of your customers are changing every day, but with those changes come opportunity. The choice is yours—you can be disrupted or be the disruptor.

Your future successes will be in direct proportion to how you adapt and anticipate change. This is why it’s so important that you rethink, reinvent and re-imagine the way you take care of your customers. Finding ways to better understand and serve those customers has never been more challenging.

Intelligence Revolution

How to Ignite Your Creative Genius

What if you could tap into your own creative genius with absolute certainty that no matter what occurs you will thrive and prosper? If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur then this keynote is perfect for you.

The path to success is peppered with land-mines of every shape and size. In order to successfully navigate these obstacles you must be persistent, resilient, thoughtful, committed to excellence, disciplined, and enthusiastic. You must be decisive, purposeful, optimistic and responsible.

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Customer Revolution

Tammy Penna

Robin, Thank you so much for speaking at our 2010 KLC Conference & Expo. According to our survey, you were a hit with our attendees! Thank you for agreeing to stay after your presentation to sign your new book, ‘Evolve or Die’. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we can work together again in the future.

Tammy Penna
Special Events Coordinator, Kentucky League of Cities

Mark Jones

To simply say Great Job, Excellent, or Home Run seems rather trite. You were absolutely outstanding! You touched thousands of lives and you met all the facets of our mission statement. You helped create an environment that caused our meeting to be Unbelievable!

Mark Jones
Million Dollar Round Table

Steven Fischer, CRB, CRS

Robin truly understood the challenges facing the real estate industry at this time, and we loved the way he incorporated our key themes and takeaways into his leadership presentation. He has given us the impetus to try harder, to be better than we are today, and that nothing is impossible; no dream is out of reach.

Steven Fischer
President, Georgia Association of Realtors

Rex D. Huffman

Robin, your keynote at our DBIA National Conference was superb! The music after each motivational piece was a great way to reflect on your message. Feedback from our membership has been extremely positive, and as Conference Planning Committee Chair, I’ve received personal kudos as well. Thanks for making me look good, Robin.

Rex D. Huffman
President, Gibbs & Register, Inc.

Todd W. Thomas

At a time when many in our group were struggling to overcome an economic recession, you lifted them up and gave a new perspective on the opportunities waiting for them. Your desire to succeed for our group was obvious from the first conversation until the last remaining attendee in line received your autograph at the book signing.

Todd W. Thomas
Managing Director, Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation

Victoria Wheeler

After the previous day’s financial reporting/forecasting, your upbeat, calming, and life-affirming presentation was the balm needed to remind them that they are not alone and that with vision and perseverance, the outcome will be positive. I thank you for your professionalism, passion, and great talent and hope that we can work together again in the future.

Victoria Wheeler
Director of Meetings, Material Handling Industry of America

Lise Bujold, CMM

Robin, your message hit home for everyone because we all forget, in the midst of business, to focus on our beliefs, priorities, and true passions. You brought it all back to us, and the intensity of your relationship with your guitar inspires beyond words. Thank you for making a difference.

Lise Bujold, CMM
Promotional Products Association of Canada, Inc.

Susan Fenner, PhD

Thank you so much for joining us in Tampa for the 2007 IAAP convention and education forum. Our 1,874 attendees left on an emotional and educational high! What a perfect way to begin the 2007-2008 IAAP year. You have exceeded my expectations!

Susan Fenner, PhD
International Association of Administrative Professionals

Gregory B. Anderson

I have been a meeting planner for 13 years, but not until Robin have I witnessed this type of reaction to a keynote. What kind of speaker is ever asked for an encore? They wouldn’t let him go. After three standing ovations, it became clear that Robin’s blend of inspiration and entertainment was a great combination for our members.

Gregory B. Anderson
Director, Crown Council, Inc.

Alexis Roe

You captured everyone’s attention for 75 minutes by delivering a presentation that was fresh, inspirational, and high energy. The moral of your story was about combining great service and a great experience for clients to attain success. Through charming stories and music, Robin’s story will truly capture your audience.

Alexis Roe
Edward Jones

Joy Wierwille, CMP

It was a delight having you as our keynote speaker. Our attendees commented on how impressed they were that you sat through our General Session and listened as a student. You helped make my job easier. Many years ago I was challenged to touch ‘people´s clay’ in a positive way. Robin, you made a great impression on ‘our clay.’

Joy Wierwille, CMP
Meetings and Events Planner – Colorado Association of Realtors

Fabrizio Mancini

We have hired many brand name speakers, but rarely have we brought back someone twice. You were great! Your presentation was fresh, unexpected, and our attendees loved it.

Fabrizio Mancini
President, Parker College of Chiropractic

John Graden

While I expected a great performance, I didn’t expect you to steal the show! You were fantastic! Your presentation was the exact balance of education, entertainment, and energy that I was looking for. You have my heartfelt gratitude for helping make the NAPMA World Conference our best convention ever!

John Graden
CEO, National Association of Professional Martial Arts

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