“When I first started Dark Horse Recording I was almost broke, but rich with a vision. In any business a powerful vision will fuel your resolve and determination to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds… even during the hardest of times.”

When I began to build this business in 1993, no one could have imagined the technological changes that have challenged so many studio facilities around the world. But we have learned to adapt. By being proactive in our approach to researching industry trends, then executing change strategies, we consistently improved our methods of operation, systems, best practices and hence, our brand. Preempting change, rather than reacting to it, enables us to stay ahead of the curve, and therefore, relentlessly focus on our customers. This continual improvement process has brought Dark Horse Recording to a prominent spot in the music industry as one of the most successful studio complexes in the world. Our clients include Taylor Swift, Neil Diamond, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Ashley Judd, Vince Gill, Michael W. Smith, Jewel, Alison Krauss, and countless others.

In each presentation I draw from my practical experiences building businesses from the ground up to show how effective leaders are those who are able to think on their feet, adapt to change, get in front of the trend, and strategically delegate.

Gold And Platinum Albums Recorded at Dark Horse Recording


Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift


Faith Hill – It Matters To Me


Big & Rich – Horse Of A Different Color


Neil Diamond – Tennessee Moon

Jaci Velasquez – Heavenly Place

Martina McBride – Wild Angels

Trace Adkins – Dreamin’ Out Loud

Montgomery Gentry – Tattoos & Scars

Terri Clark – How I Feel


Tim McGraw – Southern Voice

Amy Grant – Behind The Eyes

Trace Adkins – Big Time

Michael W. Smith – Healing Rain

Alison Krauss – So Long So Wrong

Jaci Velasquez – Jaci Velasquez

Relient K – MMHMM