Making It
How to Create a Successful Career in the Entertainment Industry

Never before has more opportunity existed for you to carve out a successful career in the entertainment industry. When you apply the principles described in this book, there will be no limits to what you can accomplish.

Making It
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Evolve or Die
Seven Steps To Rethink The Way You Do Business

With financial markets in turmoil, real estate in collapse, environmental problems, resource shortages, and global hyper-competition in full swing, it´s a big scary world out there. And your business is going to have to change in order to survive. There is simply no more room for “business as usual.”

Evolve or Die shows how businesses that adapt the fastest are also the ones that win the biggest. Evolve or Die presents a series of practical, proven, real-world tools and techniques to successfully start changing your business now to meet current and future challenges.

Evolve Or Die
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Rock Solid Leadership
How Great Leaders EXCEED Expectations

No one achieves genuine leadership using quick fix formulas. It takes time, persistence, and commitment. But it’s achievable and in this book Robin shows you how.

For a limited time, each Rock Solid Leadership book comes autographed by author Robin Crow. Discounts offered for quantity purchases below.

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